Technique Tips

Barre Exercises

Technique Tips - Barre Section - Ballet Basics

Learn the basic ballet positions along with a brief description of the technique involved when performing exercises such as Tenuds, Developpés, Glissés, Retirés, Sautés, Pliés and Battements. Correct technique when doing barre workouts will enhance the intensity of the movements and make your routine more challenging.


Technique Tips - Ballet Basics

This short introduction covers some of the basic ballet positions and technique and is a quick taster of some of the movements that can be performed at the barre


Technique Tips - Barre Section - Plies

In this Technique Tip, Emma takes you through one of the most common exercises at the barre - the Plie movement, concentrating on correct form.


Technique Tips - Barre Section - Plie with Props

Increase the intensity of your plies exercise with the use of a variety of different props


Technique Tips - Barre Section - Fondu

Emma demonstrates proper alignment for the ballet fondu exercise. Fondu means to melt and it is essentially a single leg plie (single knee bend performed on one leg)


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