Choreography Clips

Stretch Sequence

BarreFloor Cool Down Stretch Sequence

This ten minute cool kown section finishes the BarreFloor workout with some releasing stretches, designed to re-lengthen the muscles and relax the body


Classic Cool Down Stretch

Emma Newham guides you through the classic BarreConcept Stretch Cool Down Sequence. This 11 minute routine is performed to the beat of the music in a choreographed flowing manner.

10.52 minutes

BarreConcept Supreme Conditioning DVD Stretch Section

This 18 minute stretch section is suitable for intermediate students. The cool down stretches should be used as the finishing clip for all of your barre workouts in order to reduce stiffness. The emphasis is on stretching the legs and spine.


BarreConcept Bootcamp Burn Stretch Sequence

This 22 minute stretch sequence is taken from the BarreConcept Bootcamp Burn DVD. This is a stretch sequence which takes place on the floor. Stretches are shown on the floor, without the use of the barre. Emphasis is placed upon the large muscles of the legs, in particular the glutes and quadriceps, which are used predominantly in a barre class. Advanced stretches for the buttocks, thighs and spine are all shown. This video clip may be performed for those who would benefit from an elongated stretch session or just to get ideas for different stretches for a particular muscle group


Barre Concept Total Body Lift DVD - Barre Stretches

This beginners cool down stretch section has been taken from the BarreConcept Total Body Lift DVD and is suitable for beginner to intermediate level


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