Choreography Clips

Quick Workout

BarreConcept 30 Minute Easy Workout for Beginners

Suitable for those new to barre classes and without any prior experience or for those who are less fit or older. This routine keeps choreography to a minimum and introduces basic exercises that most students could do. A simple and easy to follow routine.


BarreConcept Supreme Conditioning DVD Barre Section

This barre section has been taken from the Supreme Conditioning DVD and is suitable for intermediate students.


BarreConcept Bootcamp Burn DVD - Full Barre Section

This 36 minute barre section is taken from the new BarreConcept Bootcamp Burn DVD and sees creator, Emma Newham, put you through your paces with different choreography that provides for an exciting and challenging routine. This barre section adds props such as balls and Pilates rings for extra resistance.


BarreConcept Total Body Lift DVD - Full Barre Section

This is the entire barre section taken from the BarreConcept Total Body Lift DVD, the third in the series. This also features a small choreographed hand weights section, performed at the barre.


BarreConcept Ultimate Sculpt DVD - Barre Section

This 13 minute clip (routine A) forms the main barre workout section of the class. The pace is set at an intermediate level with appropriate modifications when necessary. Creator of the BarreConcept Method, Emma Newham, emphasises glute work to lift the butt. Exercises include plies, eleves, fondus, ronds de jambe, battements, attitude, oyster and press ups. Some stretches are included.


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