Choreography Clips

Floor Sequence

BarreConcept Short Barre Component with the Yoga Strap

The yoga strap is a great prop to use in a barre class. See how to use this versatile piece of equipment in a barre class in standing exercises (such as plies) and on the floor. The focus is on the abdominal and back muscles to add variety into your sessions.


BarreConcept Work in the Centre with Mini Trampoline

Inject a cardio element into your barre class via the mini trampoline. This is a 10 minute section, which can be used in its entirety or take a smaller section from this workout to make a smaller component. This will challenge the cardiovascular system, working the heart and lungs and is a great fat burner. The mini trampoline reduces impact on the skeletal system, making it great for those with joint problems.


BarreConcept Work in the Centre with Weights

Sculpt and tone the arms using hand weights. This 8 minute section is performed in the centre (away from the barre) and can be done after the barre section or after the warm up. Good weights are around 1.5kgs but beginners may use lighter weights or none at all if performing for the first time.


BarreConcept Balance Work in the Centre

In a traditional ballet class, the barre section was classed as the warm up in preparation for the work in the centre. Exercises at the barre were thought of as easier, since the barre was there to help support the body and assist in balance. In the centre of the room, there is no barre to hold on to and therefore this component is technically more challenging for your balance without the barre to assist you. Plies, arabesques, fondues and leg abduction exercises are included in this section to work the butt and thighs. Balance is one of your motor control skills and improves each time you choose to exercise using balance.


BarreConcept Supreme Conditioning DVD Floor Section

This conditioning floor section sequence has been taken from the BarreConcept Supreme Conditioning DVD and is suitable for intermediate students.


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