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What is BarreConcept®?

Who is BarreConcept® for?

Why choose BarreConcept® as my barre certification?

What are the benefits of adding BarreConcept® certification to my studio and, how do I go about this?

What prerequisites are required to become a BarreConcept® Instructor?

Does the course qualify for any continuing professional development education credits?

What assessments are involved in the BarreConcept® Certification?

How long does it take to receive my final certificate?

How do I get assessed in my final practical?

What happens if I am unsuccessful?

How do I keep my professional knowledge up to date?

Is ballet experience required to participate in a Barreconcept class?

How does the method work?

What ability and age range is this workout suitable for?

What should I wear?

What are the benefits of practising this method?

How often should I practice the method?

Will I lose weight?

How does the workout differ from traditional studio exercise regimes?

What is the difference between BarreConcept and other barre workouts?

Why do my muscles shake and feel the burn?

What type of barre is required to perform the exercises?

How is a BarreConcept class structured?

What costs are involved in becoming a BarreConcept Instructor

Course Cancellation